Thanks to Falco Tile,

I love my kitchen and master bath again! After 15 years of laminate countertops with backsplash, and a bathroom with builder's grade tile and incredibly small shower, Richie and his brother, Sebastian, rebuilt the shower, tiled the floor, and installed a granite countertop. My kitchen is a showplace with a gorgeous, enlarged granite island and countertops and beautiful slate tile backsplash! What a difference! Richie and Sebastian were reliable, hard-working, and detail oriented; if each tile wasn't perfect by their standards, they'd work until everything was perfect! From start to finish, they made the entire remodel a pleasurable experience. I gladly recommend Falco Tile (and all the contractors they recommended for other aspects of the job - plumbing, cabinetry, electric) to anyone without hesitation. These guys stand behind the work they perform; in fact, we recently noticed a wet spot on the ceiling in the kitchen, both the plumber (Damon of Shuck Family Plumbing) and Richie Falco were at our home within an hour. They found the problem, corrected it, standing behind the work they had done.

Laura Burman.

My husband and I had our kitchen and bathroom redone.  We absolutely love the results, especially our
tile work.  Everyone who visits our home has commented on how beautiful our bathroom and kitchen are. Some have even said it is the best tile work they have ever seen.  I was overwhelmed at first by the design decisions I had to make because I had ideas in my head and didn't know where to start.  I received such great advice about my choices, and now I have a kitchen and bathroom that I am in love with. Richie took the time to show us different options that suited our taste, as well as our budget.  He not only has excellent skills in laying tile, but has great insight about design as well.  My husband and I strongly recommend using Falco Tile, and I am happy we chose to use this company for such an important renovation.  Their quality and customer service was superior.
Thank you, Keren and Michael Feuer

My husband Ricky is a contractor with his own business. The house that we originally bought was a handyman special. We ripped it down to the ground, and my husband built a very big beautiful house in it's place. With 2 kids, a mortgage and private school tuition's, we didn't have enough money to finish the kitchen and bathroom downstairs the way that we would have liked to. We had to do nice but temporary rooms for both. By 2003 we had saved enough money, and that is wear Richie comes into the picture. Before he did any work for us, he took us to the job that he had just finished. When we saw the beautiful work that he had done there, we both knew that he was the man for us. We were very impressed with not only his workmanship, but also his sincerity and honesty. The tumbled terra-cotta tile floor that he put down for us in our kitchen is just gorgeous. He helped us to pick out the most gorgeous granite countertop also. When he put the countertops in place, the whole room just came together so beautifully. My downstairs has an open floor plan. Off the kitchen on one side is a very large home office. I was so impressed with Richie's work, that I had my husband pull up the floor that was in the office and had Richie run the terra-cotta tile into the office. One of the best parts is that when you come through the French doors into the office, there is a big beautiful intricate inlay in the floor. It is just so beautiful and breathtaking. It give the room such character. Off the kitchen on the other side is my livingroom/diningroom. We decided to redo it 2 years ago. We had Richie run the terra-cotta floor straight through. Also when you enter this room through the French doors, Richie put down the same big beautiful inlay that is in the office. One inlay balances out the other and it just looks so incredible. In March of this year(2007) we redid the bathroom downstairs. We used all tumbled marble in 2 different shades on the walls and the floor is also a very beautiful tumbled marble that matches the accent shade from the walls. The very large walk in shower has a very beautiful granite in it and the same beautiful granite is used for the bathroom vanity countertop. My kitchen and downstairs bathroom are truly stunning!  I get so many compliments on my house. We wanted the WOW effect, and by having Richie do the work we definitely got it. My husband and I had a vision for our house and Richie helped us to achieve it. The work that Richie does is just so remarkable. I have referred Richie to many different people who are looking to have their kitchen or bathrooms redone. Since my husband builds houses for a living, he always refers Richie for any kind of tile work to be done. I have seen many of the other kitchens and bathrooms that Richie has done, and I have to say that they are all very, very beautiful!  Everybody that we have ever referred to Richie has always been very satisfied and raved about the beautiful work that he has done for them. I cannot say enough nice things about Richie. He has a great personality, he is fair and honest, and the work that he does is magnificent. He really puts his heart and soul into everything that he does. My door is always open any time Richie wants to show off the beautiful work that he has done at my house to a potential customer. Sometime in the near future I will be putting in a fireplace in my upstairs livingroom, and I look forward to Richie doing the mantel and all the other work that goes along with it. We already know that we are going to be completely satisfied. Richie doesn't just do a job for you, he creates a lasting masterpiece!
                                                                                                   Cindy Henglein