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Barbmarie's Kitchen Alternatives specializes in kitchen cabinet sales and installations. Serving Monmouth, Middlesex and Ocean Countys, New Jersey.

Tiling a backsplash

Tumble marble is the number one choice for homeowners for their kitchen back splashes, it adds class and style to any kitchen, specially over granite or engineer stone like Salstone, Ceasar Stone, Zodiac.
Tumble marble comes in different sizes 4x4, 3x6 (subway tile) and 6x6 with plenty of accents to complement the stone, from listellos to chair rails to small mosaics.
There is a limitation in colors Chiaro (light beige), Nocce (dark beige), gold and Rosso (red). The beauty of tumble marble is unique.
Another good idea is to use metallic or metallic finished tiles (silver, bronze, copper) but not a lot. Remember, to much of a good thing can turn out to be a bad thing.
So, before choosing a ceramic tile or making the grand mistake of using granite tiles to go with their stone top, consider the versatile beauty of Tumble marble.
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How much tile to buy

If you are doing a tile installation project; when measuring the room or rooms, make sure to account enough tile for waste, cuts, and design. However, the amount of tiles needed doesn't end with the square footage for the project.
Also, is very important to consider that some day after the tile has been long installed, you may run into a problem and may need to use some new tiles. Hopefully, problems like floods, cracks, chips won't happen to your tiles, but hope will not fix a problem if it arises.
I recommend to all my customers to buy at least one more case of tiles, so when the job is done they can keep that extra case somewhere in the basement or shed and hopefully never have the need of using it. Why do I do that?
Well, when a person purchase tiles, he or she never considers that someday those tiles will be discontinued or if the tiles are found, for sure they will be from a different lot, and even though the line is the same the color/shade will be completely different. 
FYI, some tile manufacturers and distributors, when they discontinue a tile line or design, they do their best to take that tile totally out of the market, so that when a homeowner needs that tile is nearly impossible to find, and as a result they have to buy new tiles and reinstall a new floor or wall or entirely remodel a room.
I like telling people that my goal is that every time they see the extra tiles I made them buy, they will say to them selves "why did I listen to Richie, he was so wrong"

Tile installer and plumbers

Lots of homeowners make the mistake of hiring a tile installer to install tiles, but at the same time they expect the tile installer to do all the plumbing work needed to start and finish the job. Well, here are a few things to consider before makings the same mistake:
  • Is the tile installer a LICENSED PLUMBER? 
  • Is the tile installer knowledgeable in rules and regulations of the plumbing industry?
  • Can the tile installer get special permits for the project?
  • Does the tile installer's insurance cover plumbing work?
  • How come the tile installer doesn't know a LICENSED PLUMBER?
  • Why is my tile installer doing my plumbing?
  • And here is the most important question. If my tile installer is doing the plumbing work in my house; is my tile installer a TILE INSTALLER? Or a jack of all trades? How long is this guy going to guaranty the job?
Never hire a tile installer to do the plumbing work in your house, and at the same time never hire a plumber to do the tile work in your house. A neurosurgeon and a proctologist are both doctors, but their area of expertise are very very different. 

Remember to deal with an experienced and professional plumber and tile installer, chances are that they already know each other.

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Marble or granite

Is Marble the way to go?  Do I like Granite more?  How much is going to cost me? Can I afford it?  Am I going to like it?  Is my installer 100% qualify?  I live in New Jersey, where can I get a Marble and Granite installer?

Most people ask me the same question time and time again. "Should I use Marble or Granite for my bathroom remodeling project?, and my answer is always the same one. "You should use what you like best".
After all both stones are natural and durable. But, and there is always a but, there are some major distinctions and differences between Marble and Granite.
Granite is very durable and it's polish is all natural, but is much more pores than Marble due to it's quartz composition content, and it needs to be sealed once a year. Granite happens to be very hard and it will take the punishment that Marble wont.
Marble is not as hard and durable as Granite and it's polish is not natural, it needs acid and a compound to make it shine. But on the other hand is very dense in composition and less pores, making it less prone to moisture filtration after installation.
However, the most important factor that should be consider is, who is going to be installing the Marble or Granite. Is this person knowledgeable, experienced and talented enough to flawlessly performed the job?
The installation process requires a high level of experience, expertise and talent. Always make sure to consider price and budget, but please don't cheat your self out of talent, experience and quality.
So, what should you install in your new bathroom, Marble or Granite? My personal opinion is that Marble is the way to go.
Marble is beautiful and delicate, and is much more bathroom friendly than granite. Granite is more for a kitchen, it's hardness makes it ideal for the constant use and abuse that it can get in a kitchen. Marble is more dense, making it more water impermeable. 
To end, Marble or Granite is a good pick either way. You should be the judge of that.

A little FYI for your next tile and stone project

Falco Tile, is an owner operated company that serves Monmouth County, New Jersey.
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Fabrication and installation of
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ONE JOB AT A TIME is the way we do business since our beginning in Brooklyn, NY many years ago.
New floors and wall is not the only work we do. We also do expert repairs (bathroom shower stalls, floors, walls, badly installed stone counter tops), and general tile work.
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